Chen Samet
Professional Real Estate Appraisals

Boutique office for real-estate appraisal services, combining rich knowledge and vast experience with a personal and discrete service, attention to details, sensitivity and creativity.

We serve private investors, municipal authorities, planning committees, law offices, accounting firms and more.

Chen Samet

Experienced real-estate appraiser, certified by the Israeli ministry of justice, and listed on the Israeli bureau of real-estate appraisers. Bachelor in environment studies and master with distinction in environment, society, and planning. Chen Samet holds vast real-estate experience, both as an independent appraiser serving the private and business sector, and as an appraiser in municipal authorities and planning committees. The office provides services for foreign investors interested in Israeli real-estate investments, private appraisals for business needs (separations, M&As etc.), pre-acquisition appraisals and consulting for private investors.

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